Party Terms & Conditions

How much is the deposit for party?

A birthday party deposit amount is €100. By paying the deposit you are accepting all party booking Terms and Conditions.




Is my deposit refundable?

Please note that party bookings are non refundable but are transferable to another date (within 14 days) where applicable. In the event that this is not possible to change your booking date (due to other dates being fully booked already) then you will have deemed to have cancelled the booking and will lose your deposit. All cancellations must be notified 14 days prior to your party booking date; this cancellation will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the deposit paid. Should you need to cancel the birthday party booking after the final 14 days you will lose your deposit which is non refundable. The balance of your party booking must be paid on the day of the party (minimum 10 children) (birthday child not included).

What are the adults responsible for?

  • We are not a childminding service. The children remain the responsibility of the adults in the party. Children must be supervised at all times and children must not be left unattended at any time. Our staff and volunteers are on the floor to supervise the various areas and equipment in Dreamland. Their role is to keep areas tidy, they do not mind children. Dreamland encourages families to play together.
  • Parents of the birthday child must ensure they have a minimum of 4 adults supervising on the floor.
  • The parents should inform Dreamland of any relevant allergies at the time of booking.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to provide cake, and party bags. Catering is not included for adults in the party price; however tea / coffee and snacks can be purchased in the café.
  • Learning thru Play is the ethos behind Dreamland, and children only learn from adults playing with them. We ask that the adults encourage the children to tidy up or hang up costumes in a play event before they go to the next play event. We would appreciate if you could help the child do this. E.g., if there is something on the floor, pick it up and return it to its space.
  • Babies under one year old will not be included in party numbers. All additional children must be paid for by the person booking the party, a head count can be taken on the day of the party. Each additional child is €20 and absolute maximum numbers are 25 per party booking. Food including sweets and chewing gum and drinks are not allowed in the Play area.
  • The balance for the party is payable on the day with Cash, Credit Card or Laser Card by the parent.


The children will leave all their coats and shoes in the party room, for safety and comfort. They will be given instructions by a staff member as to the rules of play in Dreamland.
The group of children accompanied by an adult will go and play on the floor. After 1.5 hours of play, the children will be called to the party room for food. Under no circumstances can the children go back to the play area after having their party food, it’s the adults responsibility to ensure that the children stay within their allocated party room.
Children must always follow the instructions of Dreamland Staff/Volunteers in the play area, especially the person in charge of the slide.
For the safety and enjoyment of all children, age and time restrictions apply and are enforced.

Dreamland is a fully inclusive family fun centre where we encourage you to spend real quality time with the children and get back to being kids again…. The kids love it and will remember the special time for years to come. All we ask you is to observe the above rules and help us keep Dreamland tidy, safe and enjoyable for all future visitors to Dreamland. All that is required now is for you and the children to have lots of fun and make loads of happy memories in Dreamland. Thank you for your understanding and support by choosing Dreamland for the party.