Explore Dreamland

Interactive Map

Use the map below to discover the various areas that make up Dreamland.

Explore Dreamland

Click on different parts of the map to find out more about the exciting areas to be discovered in Dreamland.

Explore Dreamland
Shay’s Flight of Dreams Beauty Parlour and Toy Hospital Castle of Dreams The Tree of Life Supermarket Party Rooms Bank Enchanted Forest Post Office Cafe and Seating Area Animal Farm Fire Station Town Square First Aid Room Toilets Sensory Room Eye In The Sky Entrance

Shay’s Flight of Dreams

It’s up to you to be the pilot and fly the plane in Dreamland. Girls have you ever wanted to be an airhostess? Well now you can be!  Put on the costumes, check your luggage through and don’t forget to buckle your seatbelts as the dream plane prepares for take-off!!

Beauty Parlour and Toy Hospital

Toy Hospital

Is your teddy bear not feeling very well today? Well at Dreamland just like Dottie "Doc" McStuffins you can care for your toys at our playhouse clinic. Put on your stethoscope and like any good doctor get investigating how to fix your cuddly friends.

Beauty Parlour

Little girls can enter the world of Princesses and do hair, make up and nails. All done in pink with princess dresses, fancy mirrors, Nail kiosks, nail blowers, big powder puffs, Girls World heads, make up, chairs, dress up clothes.

Castle of Dreams

Come and find your prince or princess in the castle in the Dreamland. While exploring the castle you can listen in on story time or you can get to the top and slide down the first ever fully accessible slide!

The Tree of Life

Have you ever wanted to build a tree house in your back garden? Well in Dreamland we have one built for you. Come explore the Tree of Life with many surprises inside. It will encapsulate imagination, excitement and participation so that all children will have fun. This Talking Tree is also an accessible themed Tree house with a climb, stairs etc for kids to run around.


Come and spend your pocket money in the Dream Village Supermarket. Put on a uniform and cap and work at the checkout. Laid out like a mini supermarket with shelves full of false food, trollies, 2 checkouts with tills and computerised. Learn about your 5 a Day and Get Healthy!

Party Rooms

Our themed party rooms are available for group bookings and are perfect for birthday parties, or any other celebration!

  • Choose our Princess room for the Perfect Princess party.
  • Arrgh our Pirate room is for all you young pirates!
  • Under the sea – Immerse yourself in the depths of the water in this unique party room experience.

If you are interested in a group / party booking then please enquire about availability here.


Do you do chores around the house for pocket money? Well now you can come and learn how to save it in the bank in the Dream Town Village. You will no longer have to hide it from your brothers or sisters!

You can also get our own money at Dreamland to use in the Supermarket. Just use the ATM and your plastic card.

Enchanted Forest

This magical tunnel creates a unique experience for our little visitors as they get to experience the real sounds and smells of nature.

Post Office

Write a letter to your friends, grandparents, mum and dad and send it to them in the Post Office.

Cafe and Seating Area

Need to take a breather? Guests can choose from tea/coffee and light snacks within a family orientated setting.

Only food purchased on the premises may be consumed on the premises.

Animal Farm

For the smaller kids. This farm will be designed with all your favourite farm animals. There will be a mix of interactive and play stuff for the little ones.

Fire Station

Come and put your fire hat and suit on to save the day in Dreamland! With real sound effects, a bell and interactive steering wheels you will feel like the real deal.

Town Square

The heart of Dreamland! Watch everyone come and go from the various areas and, who knows, you might even meet or make some friends in the middle of the hustle and bustle! Check out our awesome Traffic Lights that will guide you how to safely cross the street!

First Aid Room

Hopefully this the one area of Dreamland that you'll never see but if you do start to feel unwell you will be very well looked after!


All toilet facilities are disabled friendly.

Sensory Room

Treat your senses in our purpose built state of art sensory room, filled with special equipment and activities.

Eye In The Sky

Above the entire centre this special room is for that seriously ill child that can't mix with anyone else but can still experience the magic of Dreamland by visiting this special place.


Welcome to Dreamland, let the fun begin!

Virtual Tour

Wonder around Dreamland and discover your favourite corner!

Dreamland Memory Game

Match the pictures as fast as possible and with as few turns as possible!