About Dreamland

What is Dreamland Fun Centre?

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    Where kids can be kids

A Share A Dream Vision

Dreamland is the personal vision and lifelong dream of the Share A Dream Foundation founder, Shay Kinsella. That dream is now a reality.
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    It's Magic!

    No child will feel different

A Magical Place

Dreamland is designed to reflect a child’s idea of a magical place, the kind they only find in story books or in their wonderful imagination.
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    Play together

All Inclusive

Dreamland is a dream come true for disabled children all over Ireland because for the first time they can play alongside their siblings and friends.

All children have the right to play


All children have a right to play and in Dreamland they will get the opportunity to play alongside their siblings and friends as we look for ability not disability.

Opening Hours - Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 6pm

The age limit for Dreamland is 9 years

After bringing a little magic something special into the lives of over 24,500 children and their families this last 25 years the Share a Dream Foundation identified the real need for a purpose built all inclusive accessible indoor play centre for these children and with the help of the Irish people are going to do something about it.

Today that vision is a reality. Dreamland is the first ever fully accessible and all inclusive play centre where no child sick or disabled will feel different and for a short time they will forget their painful treatments, hospitalisations, loneliness, disappointments, fears and trade them in for fun, laughter, friendship, love and sacks full of happy memories with their siblings and friends; a magical place where all children and families will feel welcome.

Dreamland is unique in Europe with Ireland showing that our children are not forgotten when it comes to reaching out a hand of love and friendship to special children all over the world.


As we are a charity we receive no funding whatsoever from the government thus in order to allow sick and disabled children to come and visit Dreamland for free we charge €8 for adults to supplement this cost. Adults are also encouraged to enjoy all the facilities with their child that Dreamland has to offer.

Watch the Share A Dream promo video

Share A Dream have been making dreams come through for sick and disabled children all over Ireland for 25 years.