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    Play together

All Inclusive

Dreamland is a dream come true for disabled children all over Ireland because for the first time they can play alongside their siblings and friends.
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    It's Magic!

    No child will feel different

A Magical Place

Dreamland is designed to reflect a child’s idea of a magical place, the kind they only find in story books or in their wonderful imagination.
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    Let's Play!

    Where kids can be kids

Right to Play

Dreamland was built because we believe that to deny a child their right to play is to deny them their childhood. Here kids can do what kids do best; have fun together.

All funds raised from Dreamland go towards making dreams a reality for seriously ill children and allow disabled children to visit Dreamland free of charge.

Want to see more?

Visit the gallery to see more photos of Dreamland! Get a little taste of what we have to offer, but remember, nothing beats being there!

Shay’s Flight of Dreams

It’s up to you to be the pilot and fly the plane in Dreamland.

Girls World

Enter the world of Princesses and do hair, make up & nails.

Teddy Bear Hospital

Care for your cuddly toys at our playhouse clinic!


Come and spend your pocket money in the Dream Village Supermarket

Fire Station

Come and save the day and put out the fire in Dreamland!

Animal Farm

For the smaller kids with all their favourite animals.

Tree of Life

Come explore the Tree of Knowledge with many surprises inside!

Castle of Dreams

Come and find your prince or princess in our magical Castle!
Town Square
Kids at Supermarket Checkout